Who We Are?

Fobess is the product division of Across Borders Management Consulting Group. The goal of Fobess is to power organizations to extend their business, productiveness and coordination through Open source technological innovations in enterprise automation systems. Fobess develops web based applications for enterprise customers to run their operations, manage their data, communicate their information and be more productive for profits. Adapting to new emerging technologies and updating new information initiatives the products makes possible to run the show anywhere from office, home or on the go.

Presently Fobess has many distinct Open source products to its stream categorized as Productivity Tools. We have tools from CRM, HRM, LMS and Bug Tracking Tool on application development prospect to name a few.

Why Fobess?

Fobess products have developed lasting relationships with partners, created competitive advantage for clients and has been recognized with industry awards.

The key to Fobess product success lies in our commitment to innovation coupled with a set of core values that form the foundation of our leadership in core enterprise technologies. Get to know our unique project approach, our leadership team and accolades that exemplify our relentless pursuit of creating value through the use of technology.

Additional Information

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