Non Profit & 501C


Non Profit & 501C Industry IT Solutions

Non Profit :

ABMCG has a special place in it’s heart for non-profit organizations. Whether you are a church, school, or community service-based organization, we will help you put in place technology that allows you to reach out faster and to more people.

Churches – communicate with you congregation via e-mail and electronic newsletters; spread the word through a Web site that makes sense to existing members AND the general public; provide easier means of donating; provide an up-to-date online member directory.

Schools – get rid of paper memos for staff; track attendance electronically; communicate with students and parents through e-mail and electronic newsletters; establish high-speed Internet access; deploy a wireless network to allow students to use laptops and PDAs.

Community Service Organizations – acquire and track volunteers electronically; track costs, donations, and payroll electronically; allow staff members to telecommute.

501C organizations:

501C organizations face many challenges today. The pressure to do more with less is never ending as sources of revenue tighten and compliance requirements increase. The need for stronger financial controls and better, real-time reporting is paramount.

At Across Borders, we understand this. We work with nonprofits/ not for profits every day to help them leverage technology to address these challenges. Whether you looking for a flexible business process automation to integrate with other existing systems or you are looking for a complete application modernization including moving you to the cloud, we can help.

Our Solutions for Non Profit and 501C organizations include:

  • Enhance customer relations through tailored CRM solutions
  • Wireless and mobile workforce solutions
  • Mobile content delivery
  • Usability testing for optimal user experience
  • Business Process Automation
  • Application Mordernization
  • Business Intelligence Solutions

Additional Information

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