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Adapt Faster than the Competition with Continuous Process Improvement

By providing direct control of critical business processes, ABMCG increases business agility to help companies evolve with the ever-changing business landscape. Our Business Process Management (BPM) solutions are designed to transform rigid IT environments and align processes with business objectives, allowing our clients to adapt to and anticipate shifts in the market. To achieve this level of agility, we focus on delivering complete visibility and management of business processes.

Our unique, business-driven approach to BPM views operational processes as strategic assets that need to be fully visible, understandable and measurable. ABMCG clients are equipped with a simple, centralized and scalable process management system that empowers them to continuously improve processes and compete more effectively.

ABMCG’ success is based on a proven methodology that is customized to meet your specific business needs. In fact, clients across all industries have partnered with us to obtain measurable value by transforming rigid environments to processes that are flexible, automated, quick and precise.

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  • Get the Right Start

Whether your organization is just starting its BPM journey, optimizing its existing system or expanding initiatives across the enterprise, ABMCG can help guide you to successful transformation with these unique offerings:

BPM Quick Start - accelerate BPM adoption across the organization by delivering a tangible BPM solution in just 10 weeks.

BPM & ODM Readiness Assessment - a comprehensive assessment will help organizations prepare for and successfully execute BPM transformation, while identifying tactical actions for early success.

Master Data Management

ABMCG has developed a value add series of components and accelerators designed to reduce the risk and speed the development of MDM initiatives within the enterprise.

Data Integration

Stream leverages the classic IBM Reference Architecture as a framework for Data Integration. Around this framework, we have developed a detailed set of Best Practices and Methodologies that focuses the understanding of Data Integration throughout our firm and our consultants.


Business Information Management

ABMCG has the experience and expertise to solve information quality and integrity challenges. We will lead you through the process of having trusted and protected data with Information Governance policies that can be viewed and monitored in our Business Information Performance Dashboard.

Data Quality

ABMCG’s Data Quality service leverages a proven approach to help organizations accelerate the adoption of an Information Management and Business Analytics strategy.


Financial Performance Management

ABMCG leverages the latest IBM Business Analytics technologies to help Finance organizations optimize their Performance Management processes and excel with better Analytics.

Business Intelligence

ABMCG helps businesses harness the power of information to work smarter and succeed. In addition to starting with the right architecture and technology, businesses need to understand how to use information to affect change. ABMCG guides our clients through the process of implementing Business Intelligence (BI) to change, mobilize, and grow their business through analytics.

Big Data Analytics

ABMCG's Advanced Analytics practitioners have extensive experience in helping enterprises leverage their big data to deepen customer engagement, optimize operations, prevent threats and fraud, and capitalize on new sources of revenue.

Predictive Analytics

ABMCG is a leading implementer of predictive analytics. Together with the ABMCG Advanced Analytics Research Center, we can unlock the untapped potential of your data to help make the vision of your future a reality.


Big Data Analytics

ABMCG specializes in combining Advanced Analytic techniques, such as text analytics, predictive analytics, data mining, statistics, reporting, planning, and natural language processing, and running them against massive unstructured and structured data sources. This will result in providing insights that will allow companies to make better business decisions.

Big Data Integration

ABMCG’s data integration experts know how to capture and integrate both structured and unstructured Big Data within the enterprise. This capability is core to our Data Integration practice. When combined with our Enterprise Analytics practice, we are able to help our customers realize the true potential of Big Data as part of their overall enterprise decision support system.

Application Managed Services

ABMCG's Application Managed Services is a cross-practise solution that provides economic design, development, maintenance, administration, and support for your IBM Information Management and Analytics technology projects through our global delivery facilities. Our global delivery facility maintains security certifications, so you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality service at economical rates without sacrificing privacy and confidentiality.

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Business Process Management, Data Driven Business Improvement

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